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The Healing Rooms (Online):

The Healing Room (online) Facebook Group is an online community created to support individuals seeking connection and healing, offering a variety of free online healing workshops.

The Healing Rooms is a group for progressive individuals who are:

  • Seeking to heal patterns of beliefs, and old wounds turning that pain into Power!
  • On a journey of Self Discovery and are seeking to know Self at a deeper level
  • Seeking connections in supportive community with like-minded individuals
  • Seeking to Raise their Vibration!
  • Reclaim their Authorship and create your desired life!

This is safe healing community for individuals who are on a journey of self-discovery or who are done with fear running their lives, and dictating its direction.  As you transition, you’ll reconnect with your Power as you explore your shadow side, heal from trauma, soul loss, understand yourself on a deeper level and learn to live from a space of wealth and authenticity.

A space for individuals who value:

  • Authenticity – real connections
  • Openness – this is a safe space for ‘being’ and sharing
  • Commitment – a reliable supportive presence
  • Acceptance – space where you can be yourself and learn to cultivate a greater degree of self-acceptance and connection with others
  • Peace – understanding that to quiet the noise outside – the noise inside needs attending to
  • Unity – part of like-minded community
  • Genuine Value – I’m focused on supporting you with your Self investment rather than drawing in large numbers

In this community, you will be supported as you:

  • Undertake the shadow work, learning to cultivate self-acceptance for those parts once deemed unacceptable.
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours as you develop deeper insights into yourself
  • Create new beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones supporting to you create your own story
  • Reclaim your power as you tap into your internal resources

In this community you’ll get real, honest, boundraied conversations, tools, trainings access to events, workshops etc to show you how to move more fully into your power.

I want to share my knowledge, wisdom and expertise to support you as you take the steps needed to connect more fully with your Power and reclaim your Authorship to create the story that you desire.

Connect with us on Facebook at: www.facebook/groups/thehealingrooms

Blessings always!!