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Therapeutic Packages

Therapeutic packages are designed to offer high value for your committed investment in yourself. The programmes are designed to facilitate transformation as you move into a more empowered space and reconnect with yourself more authentically.

Belief, Clarity and Transitions

Do you feel stuck, perhaps in a pattern of behaviour that is preventing you from reaching your potential or achieving your goals? Are you seeking to gain clarity to understand your behaviours, and any beliefs that sit beneath them? Perhaps you are looking to tackle your anxiety, depression or some other issue once and for all? Maybe you are aware of the root cause of an issue, but require some support in order to move pass it and transition onto the next phase of your life?

The Belief, Clarity and Transitions programme is designed to help youidentify what beliefs/programmes are stopping you from progressing in your life. This programme will get you moving and assist you in gaining clarity in your life as you release patterns and beliefs that do not serve you, and replace them with healthier ones.

You’ll come away with greater insight into yourself, having cultivated the resources to support you with your healing,as you transition further into yourself.

What you get:
• X6 50 minute 1:1 sessions
• Therapeutic tools
6 session packagecost (instalments options available):

Standard Rate £350
Concessions £300 (very limited £200 for students/unemployed/low income online only)

Powerfully You!

Next intake window = launching soon!

Are you looking to reconnect with yourself and your innate Power? Maybe you are seeking to understand yourself at a deeper level and heal long standing issues.

The Powerfully You programme is for you if you looking to make deep and lasting changes, and witness significant shifts in your life.Sessions are for you if you are seeking to reclaim control in your life, heal wounds, understand yourself at deeper level as you learn to tap into your innate healer.

During this programme, we’ll explore your shadow issues, get to the root of limiting beliefs and replace them with more helpful ones. You will come to understand your behaviour, defences and reconnect with your resources using a range of selected therapeutic modalities as agreed with you at the outset. I use a variety of powerful techniques to support the release of trauma (including childhood trauma), anxieties and a range of other issues.

This programme will support you as you transition and reconnect to your Power, as well as equip you with a variety of tools to support you on your onward healing journey.

What you get:
• X12 1:1 sessions
• Tools to support your process
• Access to the free Managing Anxiety Course

This is a powerfully transformative programme!

12 sessions £700(option to pay in instalments)
Concessions £600 (very limited £400 spaces for student/low or unemployed – online only)

“There is no greater story, than bearing an untold story inside of you”Maya Angelou

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Disclaimer – results dependent on commitment level within the therapeutic relationship.