Phone Number: 07494024306 | Email: Sessions face to face in Wembley & Central London or online via Zoom

Work With Me

Are you on a healing journey or a journey of self-discovery?

You may feel like you have reached your limit, that issues are holding you back or are leaving you exhausted from keeping them in. Maybe you are feeling stuck, find that you keep repeating the same patterns over and over, or feel as though you are in crisis? Perhaps your usual coping mechanisms are not working for you any longer?

Do you feel disconnected or as though a part of you is missing? Have you found yourself surrounded by people but feeling alone? Perhaps you haven’t been yourself for a long while but feel as though nobody has noticed and are looking for a space where you can be seen and heard?

I offer a safe, confidential space to reclaim your voice, speak your truth, gain perspective, tap into undiscovered resources and reconnect with your Power in order to create the life that you desire?

It can take courage and vulnerability to decide to get in contact and when you do, you will be met with empathy, warmth, professionalism, honesty and without judgement.

I work with a range of issues including: anxiety, loss, relationship issues, depression, trauma (including sexual), addictions, identity and many others.

Working together might see us exploring your early years and understanding how that has impacted on your present, your relationship to Self, nature and the world. You may prefer to, or additionally wish to explore your longings, wants, desires or some of the bigger questions such as life purpose. Conversely, you may wish to focus on working in a manner which is as content-free as possible.


I work intuitively and integratively, which means that I am trained in number of different modalities enabling me to tailor my approach to suit you and your circumstances. I also work creatively which means paying attention to hunches, feelings, knowings, dreams and visions etc., in order to understand what is being communicated from the deepest part of you in relation to the issue which has brought you to therapy.

Sessions are led by you and as we work together I will support you in meeting your goals by ensuring that you are asked the right questions, accepted without judgement, challenged for who you are and fully supported throughout your healing process.

At the end of our work together you may find that you have developed a deeper sense of awareness, processed wounds and pain, discovered fresh insights into your life and situations and gained access to new resources as you heal old wounds and free up energy.