About Me

The likelihood is that if you feel drawn to working with me, I have either been through some similar issue or my experience means that I have the capacity to be able to empathise and support you fully with whatever it is that brings you to therapy.

I have worked with numerous agencies including Brent Carers, Anxiety UK, Kairos +, Front Line Therapist and the Awareness Centre working with range of issues from anxiety and addictions through to trauma (including sexual abuse and generational) and 12 step programmes including codependency.

My Journey & Learning

I’m a mum of 2 and am passionate about self-development and supporting others, having undergone a healing journey of my own, utilising many of the approaches that I now offer. As a teen, I felt a calling to support others having witnessed injustices within my community, and with a choice to do so in either a health or legal capacity, I choose the latter and experienced a 15 year + legal careeruntil the call from within to heal and support others to do the same.

I remember one of the first therapist that I went to see imparting some life knowledge stating “the issue is that everyone wants to control each other (they need to release the grip of control)”. While I could see this for sure, what I also came to see was how the way in which we interactedwith the external world and the relationships within it reflected the relationship that we have with ourself. Ilearnt through my own healing, that we navigate, interact with, influence and negotiate the external world as a means of controlling our internal world. So, for example, a yearning for belonging externally might speak about a disconnection within us possibly between our conditioned and authentic self. The desire to control things externally usually spoke about the war within. It’s why, as an option, I support people to understand and utilise the Internal Family System approach to therapy, helping them to connect quickly to their authentic self and access innate resources, as well as understand, with a view to healing, relationships internally (which then translates to how they connect with others and show up in the world).

It is my belief that a healer/therapist can only take you as far as they have been willing to go within themselves. My healing journey has taken me from inception through generational/ancestral trauma, childhood and to the current day. This means that I am able to work deeply, including with legacy/ancestral burdens, but sensitively respecting your pace.

Shadow Work – Working with the unknown

There is a power in the unknown – something feared by many. My journey has taught me to be comfortable with the unknown as I continued to step fearlessly into the different aspects of myself. I am passionate about supporting others to do the same, particularly having witnessed and experienced the various creative ways that we attempt to discharge, or pass on like hot cakes, those challenging feelings and beliefs that we carry. This can result in us exiling some of the more powerful aspects of ourselves on a personal level. My own deep shadow work means that I can support you in an empathic, compassionate way as you begin the process of reclaiming your shadow.


On the flip side, I also have a specific interest in working with marginalised groups (such as sections of our youth) burdened with the unclaimed aspects of societies collective shadow and supporting them in releasing what does not belong to them.

We truly have everything that we need…………

I have worked with issues from anxiety, low self esteem, loss & grief, rejection abandonment (including of Self) through to trauma (sexual, racial, developmental, relational, generational), and with clients diagnosed with personality disorders on the other end of the spectrum. It is possible to heal. Healing at times may be mean that the wound no longer exists, and at other times our work together will be about creating a safe enough distance between you and your wounding, making it more manageable. All the while supporting you to reconnect more fully to your resources, innate powerand bringing back more balance into your life so that you can create a life that you desire.